Can you use multiple heater in a 50-55 gallon aquarium?

I have been used one heater for my 50-55 gallon for a year, but the winter is approaching and I began to weigh the options to get one more heater for my aquarium. It is difficult to maintain the ideal temperature for an aquarium 50-55 gallon or larger, so you really need to consider this matter even you get the best heater for 50-55 gallon aquarium.

Some people may say that you only need one because if not the two heaters will constantly fight each other. So if you are get confuse about this, let’s check out what I discovered.

#1 What are the recommendation heater size for 50-55 gallon aquarium?

An ideal wattage for a heater for 50-55 gallon aquarium is from 100 watts to 200 watts. This is for the tank that housed in normal room temperature (78° F). A good rule of thumb when it comes to heater size is 3-5 watts per gallon.

Too much wattage could kill your fish because of the heat, while too weak wattage could possibly keep your tropical fish cold.

#2 When you should use multiple heater in your tank?

There are some distinct advantages to having more than one heater in an aquarium. If the your room that you place the aquarium is quite cold and the aquarium water temperature drops, it is a change that a single hater cannot raise the temperature.

You will need the second heater or not depending on how much you want to raise the temperature. Subtract the average temperature of the room from the target temperature for the aquarium water. If the value is more than 27 Degrees F, you will need to place one more heater for your aquarium

For example, you have a 50 gallon aquarium and you want to raise the temperature to 77 degrees F, if your room temperature is below 50 degrees, it is better to get the second heater.

If you have two heaters in your aquarium you may want to set the second heater to turn on a degree or two below what the primary heater is set at.

However, there is the note that you should only use multiple heater for 50-55 gallon tank and over or these two heater may heat up your small tank quickly and overheat your fish.

The second reason to have two aquarium heaters is for the case if one heater fails and cannot operate, the second heater will keep the aquarium at the desired temperature and also give you more time to fix the primary heater.

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Buying a Car Remote Starter

common mistake when buying car remote starter

Getting a remote starter for your car is one of the best upgrades that you could make. This device is meant to make things easier for you as you operate your vehicle. However, it also is a confusing and burdensome purchase. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when purchasing a remote car starter.

  • Buying Starters That Have a Short Range

If you are not a novice in car remote starter, you’ll realize that remote starters have different ranges. To entice you, manufacturers always indicate the range of their products on the packaging. However, the range of most remote car starters only applies in perfect ideal conditions, such as open spaces. Besides, this parameter isn’t that important to many car owners since most of them do not need to start their cars from more than 500 feet away.

Therefore, instead of basing your purchase decision on a remote starter’s range, your choice should be determined by its transmitter power. A remote starter’s transmitter power can be vital to you if you need to start your car from within restricted spaces, such as parking lots and garages.

  • Purchasing Poor Quality Starters

While shopping for remote car starters, you’ll come across products that have ridiculously low prices. This may sound like good news to those who want to save money, but it could prove to be costly in the long run. A good quality car remote starter comes excellent components and options that ensure reliable operation for years.

According to car remote starter reviews, the cheapest remote starters tend to fail within a short time. Therefore, they don’t guarantee the cost savings that you might be yearning for. You can save yourself the headache of replacing inferior remote car starters by purchasing a relatively expensive, but the high-quality starter.  

  • Buying Starters That Don’t Have the Keyless Entry Feature

Apart from helping you start your car remotely, car remote starters should have the keyless entry feature. When you have such a starter, you won’t be forced to use the car’s old key to unlock it. Car remote starters that have this feature will automatically unlock your car when you approach it, thus saving you the headache of unlocking the door the traditional way.

  • Poor Installation

You might purchase the highest-quality car remote starter in the market, but it will still malfunction if you don’t get it installed properly. Professional installation assures you that your vehicle’s ignition system won’t malfunction. When you hand over your keys to a remote starter installer, you are trusting his/her ability to integrate your car ignition system efficiently. Your vehicle will only be able to start remotely if accurate connections are made.

Therefore, ensure that whoever installs a remote starter on your vehicle understands the job well. High-quality components should be used during the installation. Likewise, ensure that the installation is made by the retailer who sold you the remote car starter. He/she understands the programming process better than anyone else, and therefore, can quickly figure out potential problems should the starter malfunction.

Since the car remote starter installation process is complicated, ensure that it is done by professionals. A seemingly innocuous mistake can cause damage worth thousands of dollars. An experienced professional will do a proper job, thus enabling you to avoid costly mistakes.

  • Buying Remote Starters with the Incorrect Feature Set

Car remote starters come with a range of options and features. This gives you the convenience of choosing what you want in a car remote starters. Reading about the best car remote starters for your car can simplify the decision-making process.

Generally, remote car starters do what the name implies- starting your car remotely. This is the basic functionality that you should look out for. Other features that may be desirable to you include trunk release, keyless entry, AC/heating, and windshield defrost. Before making the purchasing decision, ensure that you review these options and features. In doing so, you’ll be able to decide on the feature set that fits you best.

You shouldn’t make the mistake of assuming that certain things will “just work” once you have a remote car starter. For instance, the heating might not automatically come on after remotely starting the car, even if you left it on. If you want this feature, and any other ensure that it’s added to all installs. When you go shopping for a remote starter, explain to the salesperson how you will be using it. This will ensure that whatever you get has all the features you need.

When purchasing a remote starter for your vehicle, you need to make an informed choice. The convenience and freedom that these gadgets afford you are liberating. Avoiding these frustrating and costly mistakes will go a long way in safeguarding your investment.



Feeding Gecko Food Schedule For Crested Gecko

It is not getting hard to know that a well-balanced crested geckos diet includes: commercial crested gecko food, provides insects as a treat, and sweet baby foods. But feeding schedule for crested gecko not as simple as it seems to be.

How many times a week should you feed your crested geckos?

Under 6 months old crested geckos should be fed every day with premix gecko food. They can eat live insects once or twice a week.

Adult crested geckos do not need to eat every day. They can eat only 3 times per week they can go healthily for a short period of time without food. Feeding them with premix powder 3 times per week, live insects for 1 per week, fruit and worms once or twice per month as treat.

Do not forget to remove excess food and insects in the morning because, after 24 hours, uneaten food might built-up bacteria and nasty smells. Cover insects with a calcium supplement and a multivitamin supplement before you feeding them.

Moreover, Crested geckos are nocturnal creatures. That means they spend their daytime hiding in the shelter place or under leaves. But in the night, they become active and this is a good time that you should feed them.

Note: Give crested geckos an ideal habitat with the best reptile light bulbs or the best reptile humidifiers to give them the best health, thereby eating and digesting better.

How long can a crested gecko live without food?

The fact that crested geckos can go without eating for about 2-3 weeks. But if your crested geckos skip their appetite for 2 weeks, you should contact a vet.

The reason for this behavior might be they are overwhelming and get stress when they arrived in the new environment after you take them home. In this case, you should provide both premix powder and live insect food for them and wait. Also, ensure that you provide them a proper set up for their new cage.

But after 2 weeks, they still lose their appetite; it is absolutely that you should speak to a vet.